Wish List - Needs for 2021


School Bus

Urgently needed - Minibus/15-seater bus for the Viva Village Independent Schools - to be shared between the Mamelodi and Refilwe campuses. 


Financial assistance

Viva Independent School:  It will cost R2 300.00 [USD 150/ Euro 125] per month per child to educate, care for, equip and provide two cooked meals a day.  The Viva Independent School is opening a second campus in Refilwe, Gauteng and the campus in Mamelodi will add Grade 7 - which is a fully-fledged Primary School.  The Mamelodi Campus was launched in 2014 with Grade R and a Grade per year was added.  In Refilwe, we will welcome learners from Grade RR to Grade 7, in January 2021.  

The cost of education is carried by a 3-way partnership between the child's family, funders and the Viva Foundation.  Individual sponsorships are needed and amounts from Euro 35 per month, per child are welcomed.  The parents/guardians are required to pay a portion of the cost and the Viva Foundation raises the rest from other larger funders that make provision for Cost Drivers e.g. the Groceries of the School's Feeding Scheme that is partially sponsored by the KFC Add Hope Campaign.  

For information about a monthly sponsorship, or any donations toward the cost of education, e.g. a teacher's salary etc. please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The following is a comprehensive list of current 2021 and future needs 



Shelves Wooden Library Shelves Viva Village Ind. School Refilwe Campus
Toys & Activity Centres

Durable, play- and activity furniture and toys e.g. small tent, plastic slide, ball bath etc.  There are also very small babies, so mobiles and play mats etc. would be welcomed. 

Shade Solution for outside Play Area

Viva independent School Grade RR - Refilwe Campus 
Catering Equipment  60 x Melamine Plates, Cups, Bowls  Feeding Scheme/Kitchen Refilwe Campus
Catering Equipment  60 x Cutlery sets [Knife, Fork, Spoon, Tea-spoon] Feeding Scheme/Kitchen Refilwe Campus
Catering Equipment Tiling for Kitchen  Feeding Scheme/Kitchen 
Catering Equipment  Deep Fryer - Gas Stainless Steel  Feeding Scheme/Kitchen 
Catering Equipment  Fridge/Freezer - Gas or Energy Saving (we do not have electricity and our kitchen is Solar-powered)  Feeding Scheme/Kitchen 
Shelves & cupboards  Preferably Stainless Steel shelving and steel cupboards  Feeding Scheme/Kitchen 
Worktables  Preferably Stainless Steel 

Feeding Scheme/Kitchen

Cutlery Knives, Forks, Spoons & Teaspoons x 150 Feeding Scheme/Kitchen Mamelodi Campus 
Plates, bowls & cups  Plastic x 150 sets 

Feeding Scheme/Kitchen Mamelodi Campus

Storage containers  Plastic with lids - large (for 10kg bags of rice/maize/pasta etc.)  Feeding Scheme/Kitchen
Water Containers Plastic, with tap (10 + litres)  Feeding Scheme/Kitchen
Kettle 2 x Stove Top steel kettle

Feeding Scheme/Kitchen

Fold up tables  Steel tables x 10 

Feeding Scheme/Kitchen

Washing-basins Steel sinks 

Feeding Scheme/Kitchen 

Vegetable rack Large, steel racks

Feeding Scheme/Kitchen

Books  Workbooks Math, English, Natural Sciences, Life Skills for Grades R - 7 Viva Independent School
School Packs Stationery: Pencils, Pens, Rulers, Erasers, Sharpeners, Scissors, Glue Sticks, Prestik, Typing Paper, Exercise books, Colour pencils, Crayons, Colour Paper, Craft articles and material, Chair Bags Denim, Pencil Cases, Lunch boxes, A4 exercise book covers, Files (new only please)   Viva Independent School 
Computers 30 Tablets/Basic Laptops Viva Independent School Refilwe Campus 
Jungle Gym Equipment  Wooden/Plastic jungle gym equipment for instance the kind that is found at Restaurant Playgrounds  Viva Independent School Refilwe Campus
Classrooms 3 x Classrooms to replace old, wooden structures  Viva Independent School Mamelodi 
Paving 800 m2 interlock paving and paving sand Viva Independent School, Refilwe Campus
Play sand  400 cubic meters of safe playground sand Viva Independent School, Refilwe Campus

Education Centre with Languages, Math & Science Lab 


Flooring, Insulation, Staircase, furnishing and Equipment for the second floor of the Viva building at the Refilwe Campus, to be transformed into a State-of-the Art Education Centre with Languages, Math & Science Lab - estimated cost R 800 000.00 [USD 55 000/Euro 42 000.00] 

Viva Independent School, Refilwe Campus 


Workshop, Store and Security Features 

Paving and Vegetable Gardens

Viva Refilwe Campus
Sponsorships We urgently need per/child sponsorships for children in the Viva Independent School - please email for more information.  

Viva Kids

Viva Independent School

Sponsor-a-Teacher Sponsoring a teacher/care giver is a very impactful way to donate.  Operational Expenditure and Payroll costs are often crippling and place every NPO at risk.  A range of teacher/care giver stipends and salaries can be sponsored - please email for more information. 


Viva Independent School, Mamelodi and Refilwe Campuses 
Vehicle Needs 

Pick-up Truck - 1 tonne



Building Project Mamelodi (School & Viva Kids)