The Viva Team Approach

If we can't do it by ourselves, we get help.
The Viva Village is a hub for service providers, a platform for our Strategic Partners and Volunteers and a venue for Corporate Social Initiatives to complement and strengthen our efforts.

Viva sets up shop INSIDE the communities being served.
Our Viva Villages transform the communities from the inside out!

Viva leadership and management style is pragmatic and flexible.
We prefer Action Research to lengthy and costly base-line surveys and needs assessments, when the need is obvious and the solution forgiving enough to allow ongoing change.

Viva believes in excellence.
When a community has a need, we want to give them the BEST solution there is, because our Vision is Transformation, we believe that our solutions must exceed the norm.Transformation cannot be achieved by providing the same standard as what is available, or going with the status quo.Transformation requires excellence.

Viva balances compliance, financial management, administrative- and governance best practices, with effective and active in-field service providing.
Our office is as busy and dynamic as our in-field activities and our whole Team is required to keep in touch with the realities faced by our beneficiaries.

Our Team is a Family and our Visionaries practice quantum management.
We strive to depart from the classic and find the transcending.

Relationship building with our benefactors and beneficiaries bridge the gap between those who give and those who receive.
Donors find their involvement in Viva projects a life-changing and rewarding experience.

Leon Kriel

Position: Founder 
Location: Cullinan, South Africa

Leon Kriel founded Viva Foundation in 2007 together with his wife Meleney Berry-Kriel.