Strengthen the capacity of the underprivileged families to care for orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS through home-based care and providing accommodation to OVC in crisis.


Viva offers home-based care for orphans and vulnerable families including weekly visits, assistance, establishing vegetable gardens for self-sustainability and other practical assistance.  Sponsorships are sought for Orphans and Vulnerable Children to make it possible for them to attend Viva Kids and the Viva Independent School.  Events are conducted and other interventions are ongoing as part of the programme integration approach.  A full-time social worker at the Viva Village oversees interventionsHome-based Care for vulnerable families, including weekly visits, monthly fod parcels, logistical support, crisis intervention – Ongoing

Family Day for Orphans and Vulnerable Children – Ongoing Bi-Annually

Building a weekend boarding school for orphans and vulnerable children (informal settlements are volatile and dangerous for children on weekends and during holidays – the Viva House provides safety, leisure and ‘normalcy’ to orphans) – In concept and planning phase, ground acquisition completed, plans purchased

Residency at the Viva Village for OVC in crisis – Ongoing





Your support makes it possible for us to bring about transformation in underprivileged and vulnerable communities.